Menu suggestions


Flemish stew with brown beer, fried potatoes & salad
Focaccia with smoked salmon and salad
Focaccia with Parma ham and salad
Crispy fried black pudding with apples, cranberries, port sauce and fried potatoes
Smoked pork ham with warm chicory, mustard sauce and fried potatoes

Pastries suggestions

Waffle from Tante Marie

Waffle with powdered sugar & butter
Waffle with vanilla ice cream
Waffle with vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce & whipped cream
Waffle with whipped cream
Waffle with fresh fruit
Waffle with fresh strawberries
Waffle with strawberries, vanilla ice cream & whipped cream


Hazelnut mousse, chocolate brownie and chocolate mousse


Mousse of speculoos, biscuit and white chocolat mousse


Chocolate biscuit, apricot jam and chocolate sauce

Apple Pie gluten-free

Apple and cinnamon

Apple fritters from the house with Damme blond beer

* with icing sugar
* with icing sugar and vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Brownie

With caramel, hazelnut and a scoop of vanilla-icecream

Coffee suggestions

Bailey's coffee with whipped cream
Bailey's chocolate with hot chocolate & whipped cream
Hot chocolate milk with speculaas syrup, whipped cream & speculaascrunch
Coffee with speculaas syrup, whipped cream & speculaascrunch